This is a laminating process in which a plastic layer is extruded between two layers of substrate.  
The process begins by heating the raw material. It is then loaded into a container in a press.  
A block is placed behind it where the ram then presses on the material to push it out of a die.  

5) Bagging

It produces an appropriate three-sided pouch, a standing pouch, and a spout pouch depending on the shape   
and characteristic of the products to protect them and keep them safe.  

It slits the produced material to the right width and height depending on the customer’s needs and removes dust   
and foreign contaminants with the installation of an ionizer and foreign contaminant collector.  

Gravure printing process involves engraving texts and image onto an image carrier. In gravure printing, the image is

engraved onto a copper cylinder because it uses a rotary printing press.

Rotary gravure presses are the fastest and widest in operation, printing everything from narrow labels to wide films.

4) Slitting


2-1) Laminating - Extrusion Laminating (T-die)

2-2) Laminating - Dry Laminating

This is a laminating process using adhesives.
Laminating adhesives generally bond clear laminate plastic films to various plastic films, paper and metallic foil substrates.

This process facilitates the hardening by keeping it for some time while a proper temperature is maintained so that  
it can reinforce the adhesion of the products.  

3) Aging

1) Printing