3) Dried food packaging 

Dried food is affected by oxygen and water in the air and  it requries very good packaging that should be dampproof 
and have a gas-barrier. Dried food packaging is  selected based on the requirements of quality maintenance, 
printing adaptability and economic efficiency. 

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2) Liquid packaging 

Because it is important to maintain the quality of 
liquid products, damp-proof, gas-proof, light-proof, odor-resistant, and gas-resistant materials are used. 
Liquid food packaging employs an automatic filling system where composite materials such as films especially require outstanding pressure resistant, high speed fillings, and mechanical adapted features. 


4) Retort food packaging

Retort sterilization is done at 100°C for a certain period of time, and pressured vapor (Steam) or pressured hot water is used in a pressured pot called retort at a pressure range of (1.5~3.0kg/cm2). High retort is done at 135°C for 2 minutes, but retort at 120°C for 30 minutes is more common.



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5) Other product packaging

Rice packaging
Anti-fog lid for plastic container
Wet tissue packaging

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  • PE film

1) Refrigerated/frozen food packaging  

Refrigerated products are normally distributed at a  temperature of between -5°C~ +5°C , and frozen products  are produced and sold at lower than -18°C.  
Refrigerated/frozen food packaging requires maintaining the product at a moist environment and a  lower temperature, keeping it water-resistant, odorresistant and gas-resistant.